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Re: Guides for Fedora Core

On Sat, 2004-04-03 at 00:07, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:

> Hi Colon,

Colin, thanks :)

> > This is what the Fedora Docs Project is all about - they have a mailing
> > list too: fedora-docs-list redhat com
> > 
> > And no, they are creating docs from scratch rather than using the
> > current RHL guides. Further discussion about this should be done at the
> > above mailing list
> Ok. Yet another mailing list. But could you explain the rationale behind
> that decision here? The devel list seems an appropriate place to at
> least hold a summary of such decisions in it's archive. With all these
> lists and channels information is fragmented enough as it is.

Erm, its not my decision to create a separate docs project - the docs
project's task is clearly stated at:

Its just like we don't do translations on f-d-l, as there's

> I can't find such extensive docs for Fedora yet (howto != guide), so why
> not maintain them until alternatives are available?

That's because they're mostly in creation, and aren't ready yet for
prime time. Why not use existing RH9 documents? Karsten has a really
good answer (look at 3&4 together):

Colin Charles, byte aeon com my

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