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RE: fedora-startqa

On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 12:49, Erik LaBianca wrote:
> My personal opinion is that there shouldn't be a PUBLISH++ in the review template that is automatically output unless we are automatically doing ALL showstopper checks correctly, and the package passes. Currently we can't automate name checking, installation / uninstallation, or complete source checking, so we shouldn't print it out.
If this is votable I +1 :-)  Make the reviewer do it because they have
to go through the TODO list anyhow.


> My preference is for the review template to have a series of "blanks" to be filled in by the reviewer. A script like qa-assistant could take the output of our automated program and provide hand-holding for the user through filling in the rest of the items.
> I prefer to have a series of lines like this:
> Builds OK?:		YES (fc1,rh9) NO(rh8)
> Name OK?:         unchecked
> (Un)Installs OK?: unchecked
> Secure?:          unchecked
Hmmm... After I define a save format for qa-assistant, I may approach
you with a --xml-output patch.

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