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RE: fedora-startqa

> >
> If this is votable I +1 :-)  Make the reviewer do it because they have
> to go through the TODO list anyhow.

+1 from me too, and at worst a 0 from Aurelien, so at the current time
we're in the majority. :)

> > My preference is for the review template to have a series of
"blanks" to
> be filled in by the reviewer. A script like qa-assistant could take
> output of our automated program and provide hand-holding for the user
> through filling in the rest of the items.
> >
> > I prefer to have a series of lines like this:
> > Builds OK?:		YES (fc1,rh9) NO(rh8)
> > Name OK?:         unchecked
> > (Un)Installs OK?: unchecked
> > Secure?:          unchecked
> >
> Hmmm... After I define a save format for qa-assistant, I may approach
> you with a --xml-output patch.

XML Output is a great idea IMO. We can define a schema for a review, and
then use xslt to generate the actual review. We should all be able to
easily agree on the xml schema, and for those that love to tweak they
can always change the output template. 

In all reality, there may be a certain amount of benefit to actually
posting the review in XML. It's obviously the easiest way of making the
reviews computer parseable.

This may already be what you're doing, I must apologize for not looking
at your code yet :)


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