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Re: [RFC] User Accesable Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 18:08 +0300, Doncho N. Gunchev wrote:
> > The advantage of having this in a single directory is, for instance,
> > sharing.
>     You can not share binaries from diferent distributions or even
> diferent distribution versions sometimes.

Right. I must've lost or skimmed too much some email.

> That is the idea of having ~/.younameit/arch/distro-ver/bin. If you check

> >  well, maybe in this case one can tolerate a visible ~/YouNameIt since
> > not only you're not forced to use it, but also there might be an
> > interest in using it, just don't add a few couple of hundreds of
> > uselless directories in the desktop.
>     I prefer many visible configuration files in configurable base
> directory instead of many hidden configuration files in my home
> directory.

They are visible, just very seldom used or touched, and they fill with
useless clutter desktops in ~/ which is much more user friendly than
brain-dead-Windows-alike ~/Desktop/ . We don't need this folder, we
_are_using_ an operating system designed for multi-user perspective, but
that is a discussion for another list/thread.


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