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Re: Updated qlogic driver

On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 23:51, Nate Bradley wrote:
> Well excuuuse me!  Looking at the kernel config, the entries for qlogic
> are very generic and the module names aren't that obvious. 


ehmmm I'm sorry I don't know how clear they should be.

>  It's
> confusing to see the legacy driver with a sensible name and the newer
> drivers without one.  I was looking for something that looked closer to
> the drivers I got directly from qlogic which have the model names in
> them.
-rwxr--r--  1 root root  84600 Mar 31 12:09 qla2100.ko
-rwxr--r--  1 root root  91896 Mar 31 12:09 qla2200.ko
-rwxr--r--  1 root root 125876 Mar 31 12:09 qla2300.ko
-rwxr--r--  1 root root 135168 Mar 31 12:09 qla2322.ko
-rwxr--r--  1 root root 127292 Mar 31 12:09 qla2xxx.ko
-rwxr--r--  1 root root 115196 Mar 31 12:09 qla6312.ko
-rwxr--r--  1 root root 124544 Mar 31 12:09 qla6322.ko


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