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Re: To package maintainers

        Today I have downloaded FC Test 2 and checked Anaconda.
But Bangla/Bengali is not included in the installer...!!!

Here is the current status of the Translation

What to do? :-(


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From: "Sarah Wang" <sarahs redhat com>
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Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 11:57 AM
Subject: To package maintainers

> Hi,
> It's only a couple of days left before the translation freeze date (9th 
> of April). All the community translation contributors have been working 
> hard towards 100% completion rate. We will need all package maintainers' 
> support on making sure we are translating the latest POT files and our 
> completed translation will be packaged in the final build.
> I have been keeping an eye on the po files but I can't be sure if pot 
> files are the lastest. It would be such a shame to miss the cut not 
> because we are unable to do it but because we are unaware of the changes.
> Thanks!
> Sarah
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