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Re: FC2 and FC1 and common home

On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 19:42, Jeremy Katz wrote:

> Unfortunately, they can't.  Anything before one of the FC1 update
> kernels actually panics on boot if you have xattrs set on the
> filesystem. 

Ah.  Is that the fast-symlink bug?

>  And I'm not really sure that I want to have anaconda in the
> business of relabeling huge chunks of your filesystem by hand. 

Yes...it is ugly.

>  This is
> actually related to a bug 120126 which was filed today.  I'm still
> thinking on it, thus far without a clear idea of how I'm leaning.

That's this same issue.

> One problem is that we do partitioning before we ask about SELinux which
> leads to a bit of a chicken and the egg question of how to handle this
> (it's pointless to ask someone who's installing without SELinux if we
> should label their preexisting /home).

Ah, true.  Perhaps another dialog at the end - only displayed if SELinux
is enabled and a previously-formatted partition was mounted.

> Because users.te isn't centrally managed.  I shouldn't have to touch
> every one of the systems I maintain just to add a user.  If I have to do
> that, we might as well go back to the stone ages where I had to manually
> distribute a new passwd file to every machine I maintain to add a
> user.  

It's not *that* manual; you could just have a little script which builds
a policy with the modified users.te on one of them, scp's it over to all
of them, and then runs load_policy.

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