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Re: Forward looking to FC2 final and SELinux

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On Tuesday 06 April 2004 19:33, Scott Sloan wrote:
> SELinux in test2 gave me much to think about with never before seen
> output messages, file mount points disappearing, and addition messages
> with every rpm package install. However, even with all the troubles, I
> think SELinux is a beautiful addition to security in fedora and the only
> way we are going to get rid of all its bugs is to run it against any and
> every test we can come up with, just like we do with our kernels and
> other system code. I personally believe it's a bad decision to disable
> it in any current releases, only because if we disable it by default and
> most users don't stray much from system default setups, we will lose
> n-amount of valuable testing, all of which is greatly needed (esp. in
> beta mode). Provide and keep the documentation up to date and encourage
> developers to throw everything at SELinux. After enough testing, most
> errors will be eliminated and no one will notice anymore. Like Alan
> mentioned
> >Its no different to the argument about default firewall rules. Now
> >days nobody argues with them, but at the time I got some quite
> >interesting flames about defaulting to firewalling on and it breaking a
> >tiny number of peoples bits of software.
> It is just a matter of getting through the headaches between now and
> then. But disabling it I feel would be a lost due to the large amount of
> needed testing we would be missing out on. Be patient, give it time, and
> continue to submit bug reports. Everything will get better... someday :)

Is it the Fedora Project's goal to use final releases as beta tests?  What 
kind of product does that produce?  If you continue to push out buggy 
products and expect full release users to act as beta testers, you're only 
going to drive away your core user group.  Like it or not, the majority of 
the user base is not represented by the participants on these mailing 
lists.  These are just the vocal users.  The non-vocal users, the ones not 
on these lists can't be bothered with beta quality products and will move 
on to somebody else that doesn't use it's full release users as beta 
subjects.  Want SELinux enabled by default?  Fine.  Spend the test cycle 
between FC2 and FC3 fine tuning the bugs that exist.  Use the feedback you 
get from the adventurous users of FC2.  Take your time and have a proper 
release that isn't beta quality to spring SELinux as default upon the 

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