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Re: Fedora test 2: SELinux is problematic

yes, i can run the apps when i invoke them as a superuser... but how come the authentication doesn't "stick" while in graphical mode? Do programs need to be written in order to retain "access" rights? I dont wanna be running a gui under root in order to perform updates etc...


PS: I'm dumb (that and lazy)... is there a site explaining how FC2 implements SELinux? Are their resources regarding setting up policies?

At 08:32 PM 4/6/2004, you wrote:
On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 09:09:31AM -0400, Alan Cox wrote:
> > i've just installed FC2 and enabled the default SELinux security, etc.
> > I've been having problems trying to run system apps that require root
> > verification/authentication in Gnome. Is this error w/ genome only?
> Its a knwon bug (if you log in as root they should work fine).

Or presumably they work if you use sudo....

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