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Self-Introduction: Phil Anderson

1. Name
Philip Anderson

2. Country

3/4. Employment
Employed in a Research & Development team at a large (non-open source)
software company.

Completed a Degree in Software Engineering at The University of
Melbourne with honours

I plan to package some extra dictionaries for OpenOffice.org.  Another
package I wish to add is SquidGuard (URL filter for Squid), which I have
patched so it works with DB 4.2 (The latest version which is a few years
old only works with 4.0).

I don't mind doing QA, but I need to get a bit more familiar with how
things work first!

I've done quite a bit of programming in languages including C, Java,
C++, PHP, Perl.  I LOVE shell scripting.  I'm a C programmer at heart. 
I only know the basics of RPM, but I'm reading the docs at the moment.

I wrote a few patches which went into the (now obsolete) Jabber 1.4.2
server.  I also wrote a simple php front end for searching MARC format
library databases (marcsearch.sourceforge.net), which is being used by a
few libraries around the world as a cheap (and superior) alternative to
a $3000 commercial product.  I've filed many (hopefully useful) bugs on
various bugzilla's around the place, often with patches/solutions.

Why should you trust me???  You probably shouldn't (at first).

7. GPG stuff

pub  1024D/58C34E7E 2004-04-11 Phil Anderson <phil phil-anderson com>
     Key fingerprint = 1FE6 9ECD 4761 02AB 317E  3814 F94B 1854 58C3
sub  1024g/FE7A70E0 2004-04-11

Phil Anderson <phil phil-anderson com>

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