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Re: redhat-menus and redhat-lsb fixes

On Fri, 2004-04-16 at 15:43, Razvan Corneliu C.R. "d3vi1" VILT wrote:
> All respect for seth, but I have a multi user desktop. My mother needs
> some applications, my dad others, my bro games, and I need some also.
> Evolution is the only one we all need, that's why we installed so many
> packages (all of them to be honest, as I am doing some work on an
> adaptation of fedora to our school's needs). And if this example is not
> enough, try having a high-school, different students require different
> applications, the common ones should have X-Red-Hat-Base, others should
> be in more. I also saw that fedora.us has X-Fedora-Base, that should be
> also included in the base stuff.

Ah, thus the long-term master plan that each menu item can be
enabled/disabled per-user (and in fact from a user point of view,
"installing" and "uninstalling" a piece of software may not be different
from adding/removing it from the menu, though from an admin/root point
of view it may be).

This is already possible today editing text files (see the XDG menu
specification) of course, there's just no GUI on it.


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