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Re: Kernel USB modules not loading?

Warren Togami wrote:
This is a really bad report, but has this been happening for everybody within the last 2 weeks or so? I have been using only my laptop lately so I have not noticed, but now I realize that both my laptop and new rawhide installs on both i386 and x86_64 from the past 3 days are not automatically loading the USB kernel modules.

Yes, or rather, this has been happening to me too. I vaguely remember seeing another bug report on this as well (one with enough analysis that I didn't see any point in me-tooing it - I can't find this bug report now though), in which the reporter said that the initscripts checked if the USB modules were already loaded, and something changed in the kernel that caused this check to succeed even if the USB modules were not loaded. Meanwhile, 'modprobe usb-controller' and 'modprobe usb-controller1' brings everything up as far as I can see, which indicates that it is not a kernel problem as far as I can tell.

The bug you're referring to is closed now, so presumably it's the same problem, and presumably it's fixed in the latest initscripts. (Thanks! Haven't had time to update and test yet myself, but the reporter's closing comment sounds promising.)


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