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Re: Problems with latest updates. Kernel + X.


Just for your information: thanks for the report, but it isn't news I'm
afraid - if you looked in the mailing list archives you'd find plenty of
discussions of these two issues.

On Sun, 2004-04-18 at 23:31, Naoki wrote:
> fyi..
> 1) Kernel, the nvidia module doesn't compile against .326.

Nvidia's problem; they can't deal with the 4K stacks in the Fedora
kernel (and now in the vanilla tree as well, apparently soon
non-optional there as well). They'll probably fix it in a while. Nobody
else can.

> 2) X error ( not fatal )
> Error activating XKB configuration.
> Probably internal X server problem.

Reported lots of times in Bugzilla and discussed on the mailing list
(perhaps mostly fedora-test-list, which is probably where it belongs).
Seems like Mike Harris has got a grip on it from the Bugzilla comments.
I haven't had time to download the latest updates yet, it just might be
fixed now.


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