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RE: Cooperative Bug Isolation Project

> >
> > So in the end, people outside of Red Hat feel shitted on, the people
> > inside of Red Hat dont understand why people are always picking on
> > and eventually some psycology doctorate gets another paper on the
> > insanity of mankind.
> That's all fine and good, in the meantime while the psychology student
> gets his/her paper fedora has fallen apart and it useless to both red
> hat and the users.
> -sv

Hear, Hear! It would seem advantageous for RedHat to (hire|recruit) that
fabled psychology student to walk from cubicle to cubicle and post his
findings to the list on a daily or weekly basis. I can't imagine it
would cost much, and the benefit to the community would be extreme. 

Heck, if they don't want to pay anyone to do it, I'm sure there are any
number of volunteers on this list who'd be happy to do it for a week or
two at a time for the cost of a plane ticket.

Just look at the excitement caused by the average rawhide report, the
only real "official output" we get from RedHat as a whole as to where
they're headed.

I've got $1.00 that no-one from RedHat responds to this thread, anyone
care to counter?


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