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Help Needed: Missing Obsoletes cause upgrade trouble


I decided to test a FC1 "Everything" apt-get dist-upgrade to FC2 using rawhide from April 21st. It found two cases where removed subpackages were not Obsoleted by FC2 packages, causing a file conflict.

tcl & tk

These packages have been fixed and will be in tomorrow's rawhide push, but I have copied them manually to fedora.us RPMS.updates. It is good that the files conflicted because they can be fixed quickly, but what scares me is possible cases where files did NOT conflict. Please be on the look out for any missing Obsoletes that resulted in package or sub-package removal.

We would really appreciate your help with "Everything" upgrade tests from RH9 to FC2, and perhaps RH8 or RH7.x should be done too. I highly suspect more conflicts or missing package removals are present in FC2. Please do "Everything" installs, then attempt an upgrade with apt-get or yum, then report any problems you encounter here.

Below is a list of packages that remained unchanged from FC1 "Everything" to FC2 apt-get dist-upgrade. Please read the instructions at the top and comment here.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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