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Re: Who is to write /etc/modprobe.conf?

Bill Nottingham wrote:

Richard Hally (rhally mindspring com) said:

I don't mean to be rude but what the he** is "cleaned up some" supposed to mean?

'Fixed so it wrote the proper aliases, migrated old aliases, and changed
so that access to both ALSA and OSS compat devices work.'

In short, all the known-to-me bugs fixed. :)

I'm current with rawhide and s-c-soundcard doesn't work so there is no sound.

Sound with... the test program? Something else?


Hi all,
the s-c-soundcard function identifies the sound card as "Crystal Clear Sound Fusion Audio Accelerator" and the module: snd-cs46xx. The "play test sound" does not produce the "struming sound". I know that the hardware works since I can boot with RH9 on this same box and do "play test sound" and it works. the only difference I notice is that under RH9 the module: is cs46xx (i.e. without the snd- prefix).
I tried removing the AUDIO part from hwconf and running kudzu and it put exacty the same information back into the hwconf file.


What else do I need to look at to come up with a useful bug report?

Thanks for the help,
Richard Hally

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