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Re: jigdo

Alan Cox wrote:

Anaconda would I think need to know about such updates too. The other negative is that it means different people get different CD images and
it may be harder to know which work and which fail

It might be somethig interesting to look at for FC3

I believe that , in the first moments , jigdo could be used only for the release isos. And the creating of updated images should be discussed a lot more. Updated images gives us a shorter installation (because the system is already updated) , but it makes harder to know exactly which packages are installed in someone's system. This could make difficult to help people on fedora-list , because , most of the time , people forget to mention the version of the software involved... This is easy to overcome (explaining to users to always post the version of the software causing problems or , if they forget to do so , asking them the version). Also , one thing has to be considered: what will be needed to adapt anaconda to work with these updated images? This has to be tested a lot , so I believe it may be available only in FC3...

But maybe jigdo could be used on FC2 to distribute the release isos.. This could save a few gigabytes from the mirrors... For FC2 , there will be the standard CD images and maybe DVD images (I hope ;) ). This sums up to 8GB of images. Then , multiply it by 2 (i386 and x86_64 images).... 16GB of images... Considering that all mirrors carry the directory structure available at download.fedora.redhat.com , then , this shouldn't be necessary... The only thing needed is the .jigdo and .template files (for CDs , the .template file is about 30MB. For DVDs , the .template file is about 200MB).

Now , only one thing bothers me. I just saw on the page on debian.org about jigdo that currently DVD images cant be downloaded in Windows... I'm going to test it on windows to see it was already fixed... If this can be corrected , then jigdo will be perfect for both end-users (who will be able to download from a fast mirror nearby) and for mirror admins (who will save a lot of disk space).

Just my R$0,02 ;)

Pedro Macedo

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