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Re: Update on problems creating iteraid driver disk

Le dim, 25/04/2004 Ã 22:14 +1000, Paul Gear a Ãcrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> > you should focus on getting their driver inside the kernel.org
> > sources.
> > 
> > ie make diffs, submit them to LKM, make the changes people request, etc
> > (ite is GPLed if  I remember well).
> That's all well & good, but i am a kernel nobody: i don't know anybody
> who works on the kernel (well, one of my staff had his picture taken
> with Linus, but that doesn't count, does it? :-), i haven't
> changed/debugged a single line of the kernel, i know nothing about
> working on it.
> >From what i've heard about the way kernel development works, you have to
> find someone ready to listen to you and accept your patches, and that is
> not going to happen in the foreseeable future with me, is it?  Surely
> the module author would be a far better person to do this.  I'm just a
> guy trying to upgrade his PC from RHL9 to FC1.

Well, if ITE wanted its stuff in-kernel, it would be there by now. Don't
underestimate what you can do (this is free software after all). For
stuff like this motivation and access to harware is more important than
coding credentials. People will help and advice you, they just won't
bother themselves with drivers for hardware they do not have.

This would be different if you were tweaking a core subsystem, or if you
didn't have a working driver as a starting point, but a lot of the
driver work is done by people who just need support for their hardware.

I should know, I got a few lines myself into the kernel, and it was
grunt work only me was interested in. Kudos to all the kernel
maintainers who listened to me at the time.


Nicolas Mailhot

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