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Re: What makes a production kernel?

Le dim, 25/04/2004 Ã 22:12 +0200, Martin Mewes a Ãcrit :
> Hi Eric,
> Am Sonntag, 25. April 2004 21:43 schrieb Eric Hattemer:
> [...]
> > on any kernel I have tried since 2.6.3-1.118.  I know a lot of people
> > have said, "Blame NVIDIA.  They don't come out with a new driver every
> > week to match the way our kernels are changing", but I don't think this
> > is a reasonable stance.  The nvidia module is widely used, and I think
> > to say that FC2 doesn't support it may be a serious issue for some
> [...]
> I am not a developer, but I agree to your point of view.
> A kernel not supporting NVidia will have no chance on the market to become a 
> reasonable kernel on any unixoid system at the end users desktop who want 
> to hopp off from windoze to linux.
> I am not sure, but I think that SuSE patched their 2.6.x kernel in order to 
> support the current NVidia-Driver. Well at least I have not seen any 
> statements in the "german" world of SuSE (suse-linux <at> suse.com) so far.

Funny after the all the bad press they did to Red Hat by publicly
condemning its patching of the 2.4 kernel.

I certainly hope Fedora won't deviate from kernel.org sources this early
in the 2.6 cycle (putting it on life support like for 2.4 at the end of
its life is another thing). Especially for closed stuff like the nVidia

If graphic cards vendors insist on closed drivers they should at least
follow kernel.org changes (and this includes both ati and nVidia).


Nicolas Mailhot

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