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Re: What makes a production kernel?

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> ...
> Well, the Radeon 9200 is actually supposed to be the fastest video card
> with open 3d support right now. (not on par with the closed driver, but
> working at least)

I didn't realise the open ATI support was up to 9200.  Last i checked
(admittedly a while back) it wasn't even up to 9000 (my desktop card @

> Looks like it'll be the G400/G500 Linux successor for some time. ATI
> should thank the people who paid for developement of an open driver for
> their cards. They'll sure get some sells they don't deserve now.

Do you think any of the major 3D video card manufacturers will become
more deserving in the future?  My prediction is that if Intel, S3, and
SIS are successful in taking market share from NVIDIA & ATI, they will
become less open, not more so.

It seems to me there's a market opportunity here for someone to become
*the* Linux 3D vendor by releasing and maintaining GPL-ed drivers for a
decent 3D card.  Then when the revolution comes and we conquer the
world, they'll be in the #1 seat.  ;-)

This is getting off-topic, so i should stop now.  Chalk up my vote for a
kernel that works reasonably well with my GF4 MX440 (i.e. with NVIDIA's
binary drivers).

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