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Re: kernel updates from external trees

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 01:06, Josh Boyer wrote:

> I am looking forward to when the Fedora CVS tree opens up.  It'll be
> easier to come up with patches when you can diff against the current
> source, instead of an older RPM where you don't know if something has
> been fixed already or not

Indeed, it will make life a lot easier for external contributors.
Right now you have to pull down the whole whopping great SRPM each
time. A 'cvs update' will save folks from having to do that.
There's still a lot of stuff going on internally to try and make all of
that happen. I wish we had something more than "stay tuned!" to say,
but sadly, I don't think we do yet.  Cristian and a bunch of others are
working at making this happen asap.

> That's not to say that the kernel developers
> are necessarily looking forward to getting more patches from us, but at
> least we can try to help when needed :).

On the contrary, if the patches are sane, I'm looking forward to it 8)


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