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Re: Automake 1.9 breakage

> I would disagree. That would make migration to a new automake a royal PITA. Out
> of the 220 packages I'm watching, only 2 broke. Can you imagine the amount of

That's pretty good for an autoconf update.

> They are versioned because the maintainers haven't made the adjustments to use
> the newest automake. I use the word maintainers in a broad sense. Both upstream
> and within the community. I have made such adjustments to the packages that I'm
> maintaining so that I could jettison those obsolete versions. Its not that hard
> to migrate the packages. You just need the will to do it. I'll feed some of those
> patches to Alan.

These autofoo* instabilities are crazy and I hope these tools get better
over time. I also think we should have rebuild tests ongoing that point at
failing rpm packages.


Florian La Roche

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