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strange TCP problems w/ RawHide

I wonder if anyone observed the same weirdness I have. I've installed RawHide 
over FC1 through constant yum'ming. Currently, I'm running kernel 2.6.1-1.63. 
Unfortunately, TCP doesn't seem to work:

- ICMP does work (I can ping yahoo.com)
- TCP does reach the router (I can access it's web interface)
- And that's it - TCP doesn't go beyond that point. Dumps show that my SYN 
packet never gets answered.

This is all on a laptop w/ PCMCIA cards - I've tried it both with wired and 
wireless ones. As I have two partitions, one w/ FC1, one w/ RawHide, I made 
sure that it is not the router or any other issue. It seems to be specific to 

So could anyone shed some light to this problem? I'm willing to help w/ trace 
and dumps and add'l troubleshooting if it is required.


Alexander L. Belikoff                      GPG f/pr: 0D58 A804 1AB1 4CD8 8DA9
Bloomberg L.P.                                       424B A86E CD0D 8424 2701
abel *at* vallinor4 *dot* com             (http://pgp5.ai.mit.edu for the key)

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