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Re: Corporate pressure

What we want, is of course to have certain pieces of software such as RealPlayer/HelixPlayer and Acrobat Reader are made available in a sensibly packaged way, accesible via the standard software management tools.

I've talked to some of the Real Inc. developers on IRC, and they expressed their desire to see Helix Player included in the Fedora distribution! The player breaks down into 3 parts:

1. The main player and browser plugin. This is covered by the RPSL (Real Public Source License) and is OSS-approved. This part can be included in Fedora Core/Extras.

2. MP3 playback capabilities. This is freely redistributable as well, but will have to go into livna.org.

3. Real Audio/Video playback codecs. These are under a binary license agreement, and not freely redistributable. However, Real were interested a setting up an arangement with Fedora in order to solve this. Inclusion into the livna repository looks like the best solution to me.

A few IRC quotes:

<_duncan> in general, we would like very much to have the helix player distributed with fedora
<_duncan> if anyone at fedora wants to talk to us, send them to myself or robla (duncanh real com, robla real com) and we'll be happy to engage with them

So, someone at Red Hat should contact robla real com (_duncan in #helix, irc.helixcommunity.org) for further investigation. Meanwhile, I'm going to start working on, and submit to QA, a specfile for the package.

There are no source tarballs yet, so the source has to be checked out from CVS, a cumbersome procedure tha involves ssh tunneling and an obscure build system written in Python :-). It won't build with the standard RPM_OPT_FLAGS (Real uses -march=pentium -mcpu=pentium) due to missing 386 code in a header:

http://www.educ.umu.se/~peter/atomicbase.h (starting at line 521)

(I hope I didn't break any law when putting that there...)

I have no idea how to fix this, but someone else might. Otherwise, the i386 arch package will have to excluded.

/Peter Backlund

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