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Re: A new memtest program included in next Fedora ?

On Tue, 2004-01-20 at 22:41, Warren Togami wrote:

> I can see value in having memtest86+ included in the distribution in two 
> possible ways:
> 1) Invokable from Disc1 SYSLINUX with "memtest", which runs the binary.

Useful in the event Fedora refuses to install on the system (say because
Anaconda crashes, et al). At least folk will run the memtest option to
see how their system is performing.

> 2) Install the memtest86+ RPM, and it drops the binary in a location 
> like /boot/memtest86+.bin, and adds itself to the grub menu like the 
> kernel RPMS do.  Include a simple script that will write that binary to 
> a floppy, or use mkisofs to create a bootable .ISO containing that binary.

The GRUB thing is useful too, for remote systems administration.
Especially hooking in with the grub boot once option.

> Sane idea?

Can both be implemented?
Colin Charles, byte aeon com my

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