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Re: gnupg newpg gpgme gpgme03 cryptplug isuses

Once upon a time Sunday 02 May 2004 3:29 pm, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Dennis Gilmore (dennis ausil us) said:
> > > > kmail uses cryptplug which needs gpgme03 so
> > > > you are breaking packages in fedora.us and saying too bad  not good
> > >
> > > gpgme03 actually builds without newpg just fine, and therefore
> > > doesn't depend on libgcrypt. I assume you've built it that way
> > > explicitly for S/MIME?.
> >
> > yes  both gpgme and gpgme03 are built with s/MIME support in fedora.us
> So, the package that comes down to breaking is newpg, correct?

yes newpg wont build at present.  and yes i saw  they said that 1.2.0 was the 
first stable release it seems that the whole gnupg project has a weird mix of 
dependacies  stable software relying on unstable and alpha software

> libgcrypt actually will get upgraded again, to 1.2.0. It's the Right
> Thing To Do, as it's the first official stable release that they've
> done; even the previous 1.1.12 (or whatever) series wasn't deemed
> as such by then. So it's really the version we should be shipping, and
> we do have an app that uses it.

ill work on a libgcrypt1 package in the intrim  solution.  using gnupg2 would 
reslove most if not all of the problems 

> In the short term, yes, we should probably have a libgcrypt1 package
> in extras. In the long term, core should move to gnupg-2.0, and some
> of this will go away. (In fact, just the fact that there's gpgme03
> and gpgme package shows problems... everything should really be using
> one interface.)

they seem to update some things and not others.  it seems in a much bigger 
mess that pwlib and openh323 


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