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Re: fedora core 3 goals.

On Mon, 3 May 2004 18:56:53 -0400 (EDT), Cristian Gafton
<gafton redhat com> wrote:
> Well, you can keep your doubts for yourself then, because such a team 
> does exist and this team is working hard at getting stuff done. FULL TIME.

My comment was meant in jest , but i thank you for the update or the
reminder depending on whether i'm suppose to publicly know this

> > More like who are the team of people who have 3 too many irons in the
> > fire, who clearly don't have enough time for yet another "important"
> > task
> That's cute. Off-mark, but cute.

Thank you for telling my concern over people like Warren trying to do
way to much is misplaced and that situation has been corrected.  It's
definitely not good when key people are feeling burned out and
overwhelmed, its good to know its no longer true. From now on I'll
stop trying to rationalize that work on many things is bogged down
because there is a skilled manpower limit.

As for keeping my doubts to myself, I'll do that on one condition.
I'll do that if the fedora leadership is to prepared to state that Red
Hat's internal house is not in order enough to be ready to accept
community into the process. If Fedora leadership wants the community
to walk away from this for a month...fine...tell us that. I'd much
rather walk away if my help is not yet needed, than to keep watching
euthusiastic people walk into a process they think is open to the
community to find there are significant barriers to entry. And I'm not
naive, i know its a big chore to move from a very close knit private
process to an open one. But Fedora isn't ready to start accepting some
community invovlement and to assign roles to community leaders.. lets
just come out and say it.... we are burning a lot of bridges right now
and it might be best if Red Hat backed up a step, focused on getting
its house in order privately... and then re-engaging with community
when Red Hat is ready.  Fedora project is going to be a complicated
dance between community and Red Hat, and it doesn't help that Red
Hat's shoes seem to be untied. If we sit out the first song, while Red
Hat ties it shoes, it wont be so bad and it will be for more
comfortable than having both the community and Red Hat trying over
some loose strings all night long.


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