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Re: yum feature?!

> Well, I'm not asking to slavishly copy apt. I'm asking to add a feature
> that I've found to be very useful when using apt. I'm sure Seth is smart
> enough one can use the a* word without ending in /dev/null

actually I have a mail filter - if any mail matches a* then it goes to 
/dev/null :) - fortunately that means I don't see much mail at all.
(whoops, I won't see this one either, I just said 'all') :)

> I'm afraid even on a local network downloads are not so fast it's
> scrolling madly. On a normal broadband link there is not much in yum to
> show things are actually progressing and not stuck on a mirror.

The progress bars on download aren't enough information? When a mirror
fails over it says it's executing the failover.

So I think there is some progress, but only when there's an error.

> Granted, some people might prefer a lighter reporting. But surely
> putting this kind of info in debug is a bit of overkill, don't you
> think ?

not really. The debug mode means the user can see the data that is more
beneficial to them.

> More than cryptic messages users hate stuff that seems stuck doing
> nothing. All the daunting apt reporting at least shows magic is
> currently happening. (and a lot of people do know how to interpret it
> btw)

I'm not sure when it is that yum gets stuck doing things and not
reporting any information. It might do this if you've set your
debuglevel below the default of 2 - but then that's the point of having
the lower debuglevels - their a quiet mode.


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