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kernel low-latency follow up question

I understand now that instability concerns were responsible for the
decision to remove the kernel low-latency patch beginning with the 2179
fedora core 1 release.  And thank you for those explanations.

However, I would like to suggest that for many of us this is an
important patch, and there is actually no need to remove it altogether. 
This patch used to be equipped with a proc filesystem / sysctl control
parameter, allowing the patch to be integrated into the kernel, and
disabled by default.  This would relieve the instability problems for
the general populous, but allow users such as myself to easily enable
the patch on systems where it is still needed.

Yes, I know I could re-install the patch myself, but given the other
changes that redhat routinely makes to the kernel, I have found it
extremely difficult in the past to pick up the patch files and install
them as is.  We use the redhat distribution where I work, and it is very
difficult at best to get "non-standard" patches installed by system
administration personnel into their system installation procedures,
especially patches that I have had to re-tailor by hand.

Thank you,
Matt Dunkle

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