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Re: Laptop screen not turning off in ACPI S1

Just out of curiousity, I was reviewing the kernel proper for the code that is executed as the system enters suspend and it appears to be allocating a VT and switching to it to display debug messages. This appears to be causing my screen to switch back on since I have a script that shuts off my display when I initiate sleep mode (script found at: http://ltswww.epfl.ch/~dsanta/resources/dell-i8500-linux). I modified the script to work with 2.6.

My question is; is it necessary for the kernel to do all this terminal switching? I'm tempted to patch the kernel to remove the allocation/switching/debug code but I'd like to know if this was done for a reason (other than to output the debug messages).


Alexandre Oliva wrote:
On May 7, 2004, Vibol Hou <vibol khmer cc> wrote:

When I issue an echo -n "1" > /proc/acpi/sleep, my laptop (Dell Lat
C400) enters the state, but the laptop screen does not turn off.  Is
there a way of getting the laptop screen to turn off in S1?

The ugly work around I found on my Dell Inspiron 8000 was to run:

sleep 5; echo ...

and then close the lid, such that the display is turned off.  Then,
when you enter the sleep state, it remains so.

Yeah, yuck :-/ But it works :-)

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