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A few issues

Morning everyone,

In Fedora Core Test 3, I am still experienced a few problems with various hardware, particularly xorg. The default config remarks out screen refresh rates and only makes 800x600 and 640x480 available. Also adding nvidia drivers that nvidia states supports 2.6.x kernels kills the kernel. I get a message while compiling the module that the kernel has been tainted and the system becones unusable. Also in system with builtin Intel 845 Video chipsets where it has been disabled in the bios, and a new AGP or PCI card has been added, I can manually configure X11 for the new card and complete the install, but when rebooting after installation, I get a kernel panic and the system is unusable.

The workaround for the PCMCIA problem is also still problematic compared to Fedora Core 1 where PCMCIA works very well. Thanks to those who pointed me to to the workaround. Curious why this problem still exists since it was originally found in test 1 and has been noted for some time as a bug. Not even the workaround has ended up in a release. Just curious!

Test systems
1) Dell Lattitude C840 Laptop w/P4 2.0gHz, 512 MB RAM, 20GB HD, Nvidia Geforce4 w/32MB, 1600x1200 display.
2) iWill XP4 P4 1.8gHz Box, 256MB RAM, 40GB HD, integrated Intel 845 Video and i810 audio, and an Nvidia Geforce2 64MB PCI Video Card.

Robert Trembath
VP - Business & Technical Development

IT4Texas, LLC.
Houston, TX, USA
e| robert it4texas com
p| 832.722.7142

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