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Re: CD ripping is broken on USB drives (Not any more :))

On Mon, 10 May 2004 18:25:34 +0200
Ronny Buchmann <ronny-vlug vlugnet org> wrote:

> On Monday 10 May 2004 17:12, Jurgen Botz wrote:
> > Jurgen Botz wrote:
> > > I explicitly tell cdparanoia to used /dev/scd0 as both
> > > the cdrom device and generic device it still tries to
> > > open sg0...
> > >[...]
> > >   Error trying to open /dev/scd0 exclusively (Read-only file
> > >   system).
> > >     retrying in 1 second.
> >
> > I just noticed that the error message is not consistent with
> > what I said... in fact, if I just use "cdparaoia -g /dev/scd0"
> > then I get "Error trying to open /dev/sg0 exclusively (No such
> > device or address)", i.e. it seems to be ignoring my "-g" and
> > trying to open sg0 anyway.  If I specify both -d and -g I get
> > the above which is maybe even stranger.
> Did you try cdda2wav (it should have the same device handling code as 
> cdrecord)?
> Maybe only cdparanoia is not fixed to not use sg.

Hello, Ronny :)
A sublimely simple answer, but exactly what the doctor ordered, none the
less :)  I guess it shouldn't be to suprising that there might be issues
with cdparanoia, seeing as it doesn't appear to be under active
development.  (If I am mistaken, I do apologize.  The project page on
freshmeat appears to have been updated in 2002, and cdparanoia's home
page leads me to believe the same)

Anyway, thanks, Ronny.  I am now able to rip cd's again with my USB2
external CDRW drive :)

Have a Great Day :)
Steven P. Ulrick

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