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Self Introduction : Mark A. Fonnemann


1. Mark Alan Fonnemann

2. Chestnut Hill, MA, USA

3. Recently received my Master's in Mathematics. Looking for full-time
employment currently. do you have a job available for me??? :-)

4. Boston College, Computer Science, B.A.; Mathematics, M.A.

5. I'd like to see ghex packaged on a more regular basis i.e. every new source
release, I plan on packaging shortly after. It has been included in the past in
fedora.us but the package available is very old (2.4.*) where as (stable 2.5.*
and 2.6.0) has been available for some time.
6. I've been doing testing and filing bugs for Fedora Core 2 (especially
firewire). I've been around on fedora-test-list either finding firewire bugs or
asking stupid questions. ;-) i'm good for that. :-)

   I spend most of my time programming in C, VB, and Java. Hope to find a
position doing just that in the near future. I've also been known to be
interested in emulation, bison generated grammars, and (f)lexical analysis
along with a bunch of other theoretical computer science problems.

    Favorite computer book is (obviously) K&R C with Stevens' Unix Network
Programming a close second. Redhat user since RHL4... Fedora/Redhat has come a
long way since then!!

7.  i'm new to GPG. hopefully, i did this right!

pub  1024D/B0B9FE52 2004-05-10 Mark A. Fonnemann <m fonneman n bc edu>
     Key fingerprint = B121 4717 7D61 5E61 BC53  0729 1A92 D7EC B0B9 FE52
sub  1024g/8C4CED67 2004-05-10

mark. :-)

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