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Re: Choosing rpm-release for fc1 and fdr add-on rpms

Ralf Corsepius wrote:

I am planing to release a couple of rpms which are supposed to be add-on
packages to Fedora Core and/or Fedora Extras.

What is the current convention on choosing rpm release tags for such
packages to provide co-existence for such kind of packages?

AFAIS, from freshrpms, livna, atrpms none there doesn't seem to exist
such kind of convention. Conversely, all seem to be designed "to take
over the system".

If you follow these rules you generally will not clash with FC packages, but it takes a little practice to get it right. The other volunteers will help you if you make mistakes, so don't worry. It would help if you submit your packages to fedora.us QA just so other people know it exists. (That process will NOT become easier when the SCM goes online, because only trusted & proven developers will have any checkin access at all, while everyone else must earn that trust through demonstrated hard work and dedication.)

I assume you mean by "taking over the system" you mean replacing packages that are within the core distribution? fedora.us and livna does not do that at all. The other 3rd party repositories are controlled by single persons and they generally do whatever they want unilaterally, for better or worse.


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