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Re: Menu Policy - please read if you maintain a package with a .desktop file in it!

Seth Nickell wrote:


This is not the same issue. You can still install whatever the hell you want for your users. This is about what we treat as a default, or slightly customized default, install. From the installer you can still select individual packages, or go inside a package set and select one of the packages that is not installed by default but is a member of that set.

That said, the current "everything shows up in everybody's menu" way of
doing things is lame. That problem should be addressed head on.


Once you get past that 20th century-command line mentality, you'll be ok. ;) There are billions of people that use computers that never see the command line: If it's not on a menu it doesn't exist.
If I install some software it better show up on the menu. Especially if I do an 'everything' install, I what to be able to find everything on a menu somewhere! I guess that attitude comes from having been a GUI designer/builder/programmer for several years.
Richard Hally

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