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Re: Kudzu issue

On Friday, May 14, 2004, at 03:21 PM, Peter Arremann wrote:


we've a couple of different systems here that all experience the same
problem - Network cards get configured correctly during the install
but when you reboot, the devices get re-detected every time. We've
been able to reproduce the problem with the KT600 integrated VIA-Rhine
and realtek 8139 cards.

I've looked at the issue quite a bit and the problem seems to be that
the ioctl calls for the hwaddress detection fail if the interface is not
up. You can verify that by booting the system in single user mode, loading
the drivers by hand and then run kudzu. it will try to reconfigure the
device. Ignore that. Then use ifconfig to up the device (no IP required)
and then rerun kudzu.. it should work this time - at least on the 2 cards
I've tried that fixed the problem.

The code that acutally fails is in kudzu.c getNetInfo (790-810). I've no
problems fixing it and sending in a patch but to do so I'd like to

A) Know that this really is the issue and if it happens on other cards.

I'm not sure about Fedora, but I have 10 machines that I installed RHEL clones ( Whitebox & Tao) on, they experience this same problem, not a single machine is identical, though there are many similar cards (at least similar modules ie realtek etc..) I've turned kudzu off because of this.

I didn't know fedora had this same problem. I had a couple machines as fedora, and still have one dev machine as it though it has been off for quite awhile because of other priorities.

Nathanael D. Noblet
Gnat Solutions
412 - 135 Gorge Road E
Victoria, BC V9A 1L1

T/F 250.385.4613


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