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Re: The Fedora Hardware Project

On Sun, 2004-05-16 at 03:49, Chan Min Wai wrote:
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> Hello,
> How is this hardware Project working? any plane?
> and by the way are fedora going to come out with some test suit like RHEL3?
> Like with the link below?
> http://hardware.redhat.com/hcl/?pagename=files
> Which will actually increase the speed of testing hardware.
> However I don't really know if this work :)

I don't see Red Hat doing anything official with Fedora hardware support
anytime soon. That said, the scripts you located should work without
{any,many?} changes on Fedora if you want to go that route. Remember
that these tests are to see if the hardware falls over, they are not
performance benchmarks. There {are,were?} glaring omissions in the test
suite, like modems, firewire, and usb devices more complex than mice and

I am more familiar with the Red Hat Enterprise 2.1 test programs on that
page, as I used to be the person responsible for testing many of the
IHV's systems during those days. The newer tests are actually easier to
use I'm told, and I can answer questions about them (I may have to ping
the author first, though).

Chris Kloiber

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