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Re: Menu Policy - please read if you maintain a package with a .desktop file in it!

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 05:04:38PM -0700, alan wrote:
> > up with both in the desktop menus that way.
> There is also the issue of where one app provides functionality that 
> another does not.

Same is true with OOo v Gnumeric to be honest. Gnumeric is a spreadsheet
, Ooo is an office suite with at best a toy spread sheet module.

> The Highlander approach ("There can only be one!") is a bad way to handle 
> things.  Not something to lose ones head over...

So is 500 things on the menu. The general user needs guidance on what to run,
but I agree with you that stuff that is deliberately added should be on the
menu of that user- a lot of this is "where is the ****ing menu editor" stuff
though. Once you hav that then the desktop can give you the expected basic
program described by purpose and the user can add things like "real spreadsheet"
and "non-sucky audio player"

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