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Re: safe to remove IPV6 from kernel?

On Thu, 20 May 2004, Warren Togami wrote:

>Stan Bubrouski wrote:
>>>>Quick query, as the title suggests I'm wondering if its safe to remove
>>>>ip6 from kernel in FC2 + devel?
>>>This is not a topic suitable for fedora-devel-list, because you appear 
>>>to be doing something unsupported for yourself and would not otherwise 
>> So I'd be alone in having no use for ipv6?  doubtful.
>We will not be removing functionality in order to accomodate YOUR needs. 
>  I personally don't use 70% of the drivers supplied in the kernel, or 
>maybe 40% of the packages in FC, but I realize other people do use and 
>appreciate it being there.
>That being said, Open Source gives you the freedom to customize and 
>optimize the software to your desires, and nobody can stop you.  In most 
>cases however, it would be off-topic for this list.

To put it another way.. if you are wanting to work on an IPV6-free
kernel RPM for long term inclusion in the fedora project this may be the
list for you. If you are wanting to know how to compile a kernel on your
system for yourself..  there are lists that are more in-line for that
question. If you are wanting to complain about how the internet would 
have been better if we had just stayed with IPv1.. fedora-loons is 
probably the list for you.

>other posts and entire threads on fedora-devel-list lower the signal to 
>noise ratio, and as a result high level developers have decided to avoid 
>reading this list entirely.  That is a loss to overall communication and 

I definately /dev/null most of the crap erm mail on here. I got off 
fedora-list for that reason.

Stephen John Smoogen		smoogen lanl gov
Los Alamos National Lab  CCN-5 Sched 5/40  PH: 4-0645
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-- You should consider any operational computer to be a security problem --

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