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Re: VPN solution(s) for Fedora Core

On 22/05/2004, at 1:52 AM, Jason Tackaberry wrote:

Since CIPE's removal from Fedora Core, there is a noticeable void that
still needs to be filled.  I'd like to raise the issue here and spark a
discussion in the hope that we can find consensus on one or more pieces
of VPN software to include in Fedora Core 3.

I know this will leave a bad taste in peoples mouths, but from a practicality point of view the Microsoft VPN (MPPE and friends, iirc) is implemented by a kernel patch in ppp CVS (providing the ppp_mppe module). I've got that patch in my kernel at the moment and it works well. The great thing is that it works with everything - Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, and works over a masquerade for the client. I think these two points are important (particularly useful for RHEL customers, I would have thought) - range of client compatibility, and the client working over a masquerade.

The patch has been around for a fair while (I've had it patched in for about 6 months now, god knows how long it's been around before that). I haven't bothered looking into why Linus hasn't merged it, since crypto is now in the kernel. Maybe patent issues in the US?


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