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Re: submount?

Neal Becker wrote:

On Monday 24 May 2004 2:53 pm, Dan Williams wrote:


This should more or less already happen, at least for FC2 in GNOME.  If
you insert a CD and it doesn't pop up on the desktop or in the
"Computer" window, its a bug that should go into bugzilla.  Also,
ongoing work with gnome-volume-manager will integrate automounting of
CDs, USB key drives, and other removable media into the GTK file

But everyone hates magicdev, right? ;) The locking interactions seem, um, confused at times. I'm happy that the real solution is on the horizon, I hope the Utopia stack will be in shape for FC3...

Is this gnome specific? If so, it's not a complete solution. Many of us don't use gnome.

The Project Utopia stack is based on DBUS and HAL
( http://hal.freedesktop.org ) which are desktop-neutral. The interaction with the desktop is desktop-specific as far as I can tell, I don't know if there is any work being done getting this done in KDE; that's what the gnome-volume-manager part takes care of in Gnome. Since most of the groundwork will be common, getting it integrated in KDE as well should be a relatively modest amount of work. Since Gnome is the default desktop in Red Hat systems it seems unlikely that anyone at Red Hat will do that work though, talk to the KDE developers...


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