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Re: Making Fedora Core CD #1 Standalone -- Core should continue, but let's define a subset

Jeff Spaleta wrote:  
> I really really really don't think you have to do something as
> elaborate as this.

Well, that depends.  (read on)

Eventually it _might_ be a good idea to define a "formal" subset.
But I see where you are leading this.

> Just have people in the community who care about this issue work
> on the comps.xml file definitions that define what a minimal
> install includes and have those packages be part of cd1.
> No reason to formalize with lots and lots of policy.

It seems that simple at first.  Unfortunately, there seems to be
a lot of "legacy" dependencies that bite you in the touche.

> This has come up repeatedly...and people in the community SEEM
> interested but those people wander off the mailinglists and never
> actually produce anything of usefulness.

And I can read between the frustration there.  Point taken.

There's nothing more distracting than a bunch of "dreamers" but
no "doers" -- I for one have been guilty of being in the former
9 times of out 10.

However, I have been doing little things like this since Red Hat
Linux (RHL) 7, and multiple CDs.  Packaging has been much of my
Linux epxerience.  And those "legacy" dependencies, one that don't
make sense -- lots of touche missing.  ;-ppp

I would like to start documenting some of them, as they exist
in Fedora Core 2.

> Look back in the pre-fc1 release discussions there are several
> threads about how to better define a minimal install and the go
> no where...no where fast. If you are serious about this...you
> will work on the comps.xml file with other people who have an
> interest in a better defined minimal install option.

And that's what I was interesting in.  Finding out who was
interesting in helping me.

I'm just curious on what happens if and when I start finding
"interesting" dependencies.  Who can I "report" them to
("devel" list or Bugzilla)?  At what point will there be
"changes" made -- if at all?

I guess I'll just wait to see those answer _after_ I start
producing more than just hot air, eh?  Thanx for your input,
and I _do_ understand where you are coming from.

Bryan J. Smith, E.I. -- b j smith ieee org

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