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Re: Making Fedora Core CD #1 Standalone -- Goals of "Quark"

Jeff Spaleta wrote:  
> Do some research... a lot of this ground was covered in pre-fc1
> discussions on the mailinglists... look for threads about minimal
> install...

Right.  I've been looking through some of this already.

> Aug/Sep 2003 archive in fedora-test-list would probably be of interest
> to you if you plan to incorporate other community opinion in your
> master plan about better minimal base.

Yes.  I'm already formulating the official "goals."  I have to have those
in-place before I can build a rationale for the comps.xml and package list.

So far I have:

1.  Establish "minimum" inter-dependency in a "minimum" install,
including identifying poor interdependencies in basic "Core" packages

2.  Establish a "bare" network client/server install, but with
full, modern access, directory and authentication support.

3.  A bare, no frills network/GUI install (no applications)

4.  A "common denominator" for not only all subsequent package sets,
but an "aim point" for developers creating new GUI applications

#4 is what I keep coming back to.  If I'm developing a new GUI
application, what components _should_ I "aim for" -- that I
_know_ will be on _all_ systems?

Right now we have little more than the full, 4 CD "Core."
There's nothing wrong with that looking from legacy RHL upward.

But there is a good reason to start "afresh."

Bryan J. Smith, E.I. -- b j smith ieee org

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