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Re: Re: Call for Discussion: Summary document concerning Prevention andRecovery of XP Dual Boot Problems

> And unless your someone from @redhat.com, not sure there is anything you
> need to be telling him what he can/can't do on their own mailing lists
> (unless we are talking spamming it, abusing or that type thing), whether
> it's useful (to you?) or not.
> Besides, maybe the bug # was posted to @redhat.com folks or someone
> already know of it from Red Hat and he was just posting what is already
> known.

I've got to agree with Seth there. My job at Red Hat has nothing to do
with development and I have no special access to anything to do with
Fedora. Jeff, though I wish he'd been more polite about it, was correct
in that I should have checked to see if there had been any more news
(sure enough, the bug still exists in mdk10).

That said, this thread is getting focused on a relatively unimportant
part of my post (IMO) and ignoring where I *was* trying to "move the
discussion forward"

To wit:

> a) Is a fix being developed (by whom? if not, who wants it?)
> b) Once it's developed, can we replace the FC2 ISOs on the website and
> mirrors with ones that incorporate the fix?

My incorrect assertion that we were the only ones with this problem aside, I fail to 
see how asking these (still unanswered) questions fail to move the discussion forward.


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