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Re: OT: Livna.org rsync access down?

rpm.livna.org main server located in Paris had a hardware failure a few weeks ago. It's not running anymore. rpm.livna.org is now pointing to an american mirror that doesn't allow rsync mirroring anymore.

Anvil is expecting a new server to be delivered very soon (it was actually expected 2 weeks ago). Once the new server is installed the rsync access will be re-opened.


Andrew Farris wrote:
On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 15:18 -0400, Aaron Bennett wrote:

I haven't been able to rsync from rpm.livna.org for a few weeks. At http://liva.org is a message saying their system is down. Has anyone else found this? Anyone have an rsync-able livna.org mirror?

rpm.livna.org contact is through bugzilla, they have a General component
for things to do with the website, etc.

Apparently rsync is down and they are aware of it (I've never rsync'd
the repo myself).

-- Arnaud Abélard Administrateur réseaux et systèmes Irin / Faculté des Sciences Université de Nantes

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