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Re: The return of the acute-cedilla problem

Le dim, 30/05/2004 Ã 08:35 -0300, Alexandre Oliva a Ãcrit :
> On May 29, 2004, Z <zleite mminternet com> wrote:
> > Now would you (or the list) happen to know why xorg does not follow the
> > usual usual us_intl composition rules?
> Err...  Usual?  If it's international, and some languages have
> legitimate uses for Ä, then it wouldn't be, erhm, international to map
> 'c to Ã, would it?
> So I would think xorg is doing the right thing in this regard, and so
> is gtk.  The difference is that gtk has custom compose rules for pt_BR
> locales, and xorg doesn't.

If I remember well, this change also went into XFree86 just before the
split. The  argument being : there are legitimate uses for Ä, therefore 
'c to à does not make sense, especially when you can compose à using ,
and c (which seems a bit more logical).

I'm afraid I didn't pay a lot of attention, on my fr-latin9 french
layout à and à are obtained without composition whatsoever


Nicolas Mailhot

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