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Self-Introduction: Alex Perez

[If you get this twice, my sincere apologies.]

Hi there, my name is Alexander Joseph Perez, and I'm a co-maintainer of
the GNUstep.org website and have been using GNUstep.org for several
years. I'm from Santa Rosa, California, in the USA, am a full time
anthropology student at Santa Rosa Junior College and work part time as
a lowly help desk technician for the City of Santa Rosa, California.

I'm writing this e-mail because I've recently noticed that the most
recent release of Fedora Core (2) does not contain any GNUstep packages,
and as I've just installed it after getting sick and tired of Debian,
I'd like to change that. I am intimately famaliar with the build
process, and have a significant amount of personal contact online with
the GNUstep core development team on a daily basis. I'd be willing to do
QA on my packages as long as the requirements were reasonable. In short,
I'd like to expose GNUstep to a wider audience now that it is ready for
such exposure. GNUstep has been a long-lived project, and "we're not
dead yet" seems to have become our mantra. GNUstep is not dead. In fact
it's alive and well, and with the inclusion of GNUstep packages into
Fedora Core, one of the more popular distributions of Linux, we will
gain the potential to expose many more people to GNUstep and its offerings.

As I said previously, I'm a current GNUstep.org website maintainer, and
am working on unifying the disparate GNUstep-related documentation
sources which are/have been strewn across the expanse of the Internet
until recently (much of it still is). I love the simplicity and true
Object-Oriented nature of the Objective-C programming language, which
GNUstep is based on. My associate, Andrew Pinski, is the GCC libobjc
(GCC Objective-C runtime) maintainer and works periodically for apple as
his college career permits. I recently worked with him to make sure that
some of the patches to the Objective-C runtime were integrated into
libobjc head.

If anyone here has any questions, please feel free to contact me at
aperezATstudentDOTsantarosaDOTedu as I'd be glad to answer or clarify
any points I've made here. I am not subscribed to the fedora-devel
mailing list and do not wish to be unless I am "accepted" and allowed to
create and provide GNUstep packages to Fedora.

My GPG fingerprint is 2F36 2A89 14B4 B58F 176B  1B26 5E4D 5FCA 9190 2041
and this has been uploaded to pgp.mit.edu

Alex Perez
pub  1024D/91902041 2004-05-31 Alex Perez (MrBIOS)
<aperez student santarosa edu>
     Key fingerprint = 2F36 2A89 14B4 B58F 176B  1B26 5E4D 5FCA 9190 2041
sub  2048g/380DB427 2004-05-31

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