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Re: Intel® 536ep V.92 modem (PCI) chipset driver & 2.6 kernel under FC2

Arjan van de Ven wrote:

since that is a binary only kernel module that will be really hard for
anyone except intel to do.

Well, I thought that the binary part of the bundle Intel provides is pretty much the same, only the the code that wrap around it and does the interfacing with the kernel should be changed according to 2.6. But I must admit that I can't tell more for I lack skills in the kernel internals area.

I did compile the thing, changing here and there the headers, but, obviously, the resulting object file didn't work, as I was expecting..

However you may be lucky if your modem is supported by the snd_intel8x0m
alsa driver, that exports your modem as sound device to userspace, and a
userspace app to "whistle" modem sounds into that exists.

Now that's a funny thing, I'll have a look at it.

Thank you

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