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Re: Howto use the "pxeboot" directory?

On mÃn, 2004-05-31 at 18:06 +0800, Mac wrote:
> Hello devel-list,
This is probably not the correct list to ask these types of questions.

>   I'm trying to install FC2 from my FAT driver without CDs/USBStorages, but FC2 doesn't supply a comfortable way to do so.
>   And I tried to use  the vmlinuz and initrd.img in the directory of /images/pxeboot with the help of LOADLIN, but failed.
>   How to use the files in "pxeboot" directory?
>   How to install FC2 from FAT-Formatted Harddrive without burning CDs.

I'm not sure I understand your situation correctly...pxeboot is for
network booting, i.e. you need to have a tftp/dhcp server somewhere that
hands you boot media (kernel/initrd) and ip number. However, it sounds
like you have the iso files on a fat-formatted drive, on the same (?)
computer that you want to install FC2 on. In that case, you need to boot
from either floppy or CD (using boot.iso, rescuecd.iso or FC2-iso1),
selecting "linux askmethod" at the boot prompt and then go for Hard disc

Yes, you need to burn one cd (unless you use the floppy method), but
both boot.iso (5 megs) and rescuecd.iso (75 megs) are small enough to
write onto a CD/RW, if you're concerned about CDR waste.


>   Thanks. 
> ããããããããMac
> ããããããããmacshy tom com
> ãããããããããã2004-05-31
Peter Backlund <peter backlund home se>

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