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Re: Reduce "Core" to 1 Binary CD? -- WAS: Request for Packages in Fedora Core 3

Willem Riede wrote:  
> One thing I'm still not sure I understand:
> Are you advocating a separate CD image,

Well, to start, I'm not advocating anything for Fedora itself.
Although the thread started with Stephen Pritchard making a
comment, and I built upon them, ultimately I'm not in a position
to even do so right now.

Although I started with reducing Core, or reorganizing Core CD #1,
that is no longer the case.  So read on, I see your questions as very
good ones.

> or an additional, separate, package set in comps that you can
> choose to install, in which case you happen to only need CD 1?

Again, good questions.  Here's the deal:  

1.  I'm creating a separate package set in comps.xml

2.  I will use that package set to create a "Quark" CD

3.  This CD will be well under the 500MB or so of packages one
normally fits on a CD (plus the Anaconda installer)

4.  I'm also (eventually) build a "Quark builder" so it is easy
to build a "full" CD customized #1

Depending on the merits of "Quark," we _may_ then have:

5.  The Fedora "Core" team may end up using "Quark" to create
Fedora "Core" CD #1, including the additional sets from
Quark's comps.xml

But I'll leave that to when Fedora "Quark" is no longer vaporware.

I've stepped back and recognized that everyone will disagree
on what a "full" CD #1 should be.  So that's why I've pulled
back farther and came up with "Quark."  I've been through the
August/September 2003 archives and done some other goal setting.

Which is where I came up with Fedora "Quark."  It's not an
"assumed functionality" as someone else said, because that
differs between users.  But it is a "common denominator" that
_all_ derrived "assumed functionality" is built upon.

I'm starting to look at some of the dependency hell.  It has
improved since I did some similar stuff back in RHL 7, but there
are still a few "interesting" ones.

You'll hear from me next when you hear from me next.  But I'm
not advocating the Fedora "Core" team or the project look at this
again until *I* actually start producing more than vapor.  I'm
off the summer (I'm a school teacher) so I have the time.

Bryan J. Smith, E.I. -- b j smith ieee org

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